Jason Momoa Workout – 2018

Jason Momoa is becoming a superstar and developed a muscular or impressive physique.

Jason Momoa played a role as Khal Drogo In The Game Of Thrones, Superhero In Aquaman And Batman V. Superman

Jason appears heroic physique in the Justice League as Aquaman.

Here you can find the full or complete workouts of Jason Momoa and how Jason developed his physique.

The full name of Jason Momoa is Joseph Jackson Namakaeha Momoa, born on the August 1979.

Jason started his career from the modeling, after starting his career, he won Hawaii’s Model of the year.

Jason Momoa received a role in the television series “Baywatch Hawaii” as Jason Loane in the year 1999.

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  1. He got enormous fame from the Stargate Atlantis television series (2005-2009)
  2. The other major work of the Jason Momoa in The Read Road and Game Of Throne .
  3. He also played many roles in the movie like Wolves, Road to Paloma, Batman V Superman and Aquaman.

Statistics Of Jason Momoa:

  • Height of the body: 6’4’’ (193cm)
  • Weight of the body: 106 kg (234 pounds)
  • Chest size: 48 inches
  • Waist size: 34 inches
  • Arms and Biceps size: 19 inches

Does Jason Momoa Take Steroid Or Natural?

Most of the people think that he probably takes the steroids or some individual’s think that he exercises professionally and has good genetics.

Game of Thrones

For playing a role in the movies, he needs a defined body with lean muscle, which is only possible by the use of steroid.

Due to the character demand, he needs to adapt the rapid changes around 2-3 month.

The criticizer views are that celebrity juices in a low amount and combined with vigorous exercises, diet plans and medical or the professional training.

Most celebrities and athletes who want to gain muscle fast turn to the popular synthetic workout supplement Dianabol Pills to do it.

They assume that whenever he is not playing a role for a movie so he is clearly lean muscular and more bulky.

One thing should consider and point to be noted that the Jason Momoa is the model and actor, not a bodybuilder.

Jason is a guy who has the gifted genetics because before the Conan, he got the everything from the general sports and fitness.

I loved the outdoor works to get bigger and the combination of functional workouts and the mixing of weight result have to bigger.

Our Verdict is that Jason is completely natural and the proof is a huge list of the workouts and his weight of the body fulfill the standard of natural bodybuilding

Jason Momoa Workouts For The Aquaman:

Jason prefers the workout for the Aquaman that has an ability to develop the steel Pecs and strong legs.

He hits the theater on Friday and his secret behind the workouts is Mark Twight.

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The regimen includes functional, whole body movements combined with an isolation exercise.

The training for 2-3 days per week allows him to climb at the indoor rock gym.

The fitness included in the 5-6 day per weeks and 2 hours a day.

The Climbing requires a less weight to carry and the high volume of training is full of injuries.

Jason does One-Handed Overhead Pull Downs, which mimic the climbing of rock.

The physical therapist and the massages contribute to recovering the damages in a short period of the time.

The drop sets give some touch of the bodybuilding.

By these workouts, he developed the generous Abs, Arms And Pecs.

Testosterone boosting pills can boost testosterone levels which enhances performance and stamina.

He just increases the intensity of workouts when he got the deadlines for a shirtless scene or the scenes which are very difficult or fighting scenes.

The Aquaman workouts of Jason Momoa contributes to getting ripped or defined physique.

Which Method Jason Momoa Use For The Aquaman?

Jason selected the Gym Jones method for getting in shape.

Jason Momoa has no time for the 'Justice League' haters

Henry Cavil For Superman, And Gerard Butler For 300, used the same Jones methods.

Winstrol pills is the best anabolic supplement which can help bodybuilders achieve a leaner physique but it can also lead to health problems when not properly used.

The reason is these all three actors have the same producer and director Zack Synder

The Gym Jones method focuses the fictional strength and the workouts which show the reflection of the superhero.

Jason said during the training: “You gain a lot of weight AKA burn a lot of fat, pick a heavy weight for building the quality of lean muscle”

He mentioned his trainer “Mark Twight” while doing the rope exercises on the Instagram

Mark Twight worked for the hard bodies which you can easily see in the Aquaman, Batman V. Superman and the Aquaman.

Balancing And Weight Lifting:

We always look for the simple approach of weightlifting with the climbing.

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We have not tired or injured our muscles like the back, biceps and forearms before a day for hitting the rock gym.

But, after the climbing we trained the back and biceps to overload them.

The rest of the day focuses the shoulders,  chest and the legs.

Jason Momoa Tells About The Importance Of Cardio:

The success is to achieve the right kind of muscle in which the heart muscles are crucial.

Taking care of heart will responsible for improving the overall health.

You can do the swimming, running, and yoga for the 45 minutes to improve the physical health as well as the mental health.

The morning exercises are a great way to reduce the percentage of fat to get the energy.

Steroid side effects are varied and wide-ranging and can even be deadly

The Chest AQUA-Plan And The Leg Aqua Plan:
                     The Chest Aqua-Plan
Workout Rounds
Bench Press Triset 5 Rounds
Standing Dumbbell Press 6 Reps
Push Up 24 Reps
Cable Crossover 6-12-18 Reps
                    The Leg Aqua-Plan
Workout Rounds
Sled/Quad Extension Triset 5 Rounds
20-Meter Sled Push
20-Meter Sled Pull
Seated Quad Extension 6-12-18 Reps
Lunge/Split Squat Superset 5 Rounds
Dumbbell Walking  Lunge
Bodyweight Bulgarian Split Squat 10 Reps

Jason Momoa’s Barbarian Workout

He builds the physique by spent 30 minutes at the local gym.

Pick up the three from five exercises

  • Squats
  • Cable Crosses
  • Pull-ups
  • Shoulder Presses
  • Incline Bench Presses

Each workout should take 30 minutes in which you will have done the 7 reps with the 30 seconds of rest time period.

7 sets of 7 reps with a rest of 30 seconds.

Jason Momoa AR7 Workout Plan (Accelerated Results 7 Plan):

The other trainer “Eric” of the Jason Momoa developed the workout known as the Accelerated 7 results (AR7)

Jason Momoa Aquaman

The AR7 contains the 30 minutes of the time period in which the high-rep sessions are included throughout a week for a target to each part of the body.

Workout Type Full Body Workouts
Days 4-5 Days A Week
Load 65% Of 1rm

Monday: Flat Bench Press, Incline Bench Press, Incline Bench Dumbbell Press, Plate Push-Up, And Chest Dips

Tuesday: Medium-Grip Pull-Up, Reverse-Grip Chin-Up, Close-Grip Pull-Up, Seated Pulley Row And, Reverse-Grip BB Bent-Over Row

Wednesday: Bodyweight Squat, Stiff-Legged Deadlift, Barbell Back Squat, And Bodyweight Jump Squat

Thursday: Medicine Ball Slam, Kettlebell Swing, Burpee, Leap Frog, And 40-Yd Sprint

Friday: Barbell Military Press, Bodyweight Dip, Diamond Push-Up, Dumbbell Curls, And Dumbbell Triceps Extensions

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Follow the day, target, sets/reps and time:

Day Target Sets/Rep Rest Time
Monday Chest 3 Rounds 1-2 Minutes
Tuesday Back 3 Rounds 1-2 Minutes
Wednesday Legs 3 Rounds 1-2 Minutes
Thursday Core 3 Rounds 1-2 Minutes
Friday Shoulders And Arms 3 Rounds 1-2 Minutes


I always treat the workouts as playing and make them hard.

When I was done the climbing for the full-time period and to be fun to be fun.

The Jason diet for the Aquaman is adjusted to the recommended amount of calories in which the protein, less carbohydrate, and the fats are added.

Eating the carbohydrates is restricted during the off-season, while it is allowed before and after the training.

You can also developed the physique like Jason Momoa by following these workouts and “Go for natural”